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We're committed to developing Emirati talent within our business. For us, leveraging our country's dynamic workforce is not just important – it's central to our vision for the future.

“As an Emirati, I feel incredibly proud to be part of an organisation that brings people from all over the world to experience our wonderful country”

I also feel fortunate to be part of an organisation that is focused on developing UAE nationals, and I am humbled that Etihad is now considered one of the benchmarks for UAE national development.

Ibrahim Nassir

Chief Human Resources and Organisational Development Officer

Our senior Emirati leaders

The People Advisory Board

The Board's key responsibility is to support the development of UAE nationals across the business, which includes: 

-Sourcing, selecting and hiring Emirati executives

-Managing performance and setting goals

-Learning and professional development of UAE nationals

-Emirati employee engagement 

-Gaining insight from our UAE national employees through opinion surveys and focus groups

Graduate development programmes

We offer UAE nationals the opportunity to join more than 22 specialised development programmes spanning HR, IT, Finance, Sales, Revenue Management and Airport Operations, as well as Cadet Pilot and Technical Engineering training.

Each programme emphasises hands-on learning, coaching, international assignments and classroom training, and is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ALM) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Our development programmes are aimed at dynamic and ambitious UAE nationals of any age. 

Abu Dhabi to the world

All of our UAE nationals are as proud and passionate about Abu Dhabi as we are, and understand our nation’s unique place on the global stage. They help us share the spirit of our region with the world, and inspire the world to come back and experience it for themselves. 

UAE national development programmes

Underpinned by learning and growth, our development programmes create dynamic opportunities for UAE nationals to accelerate, develop and grow. 

Designed to nurture the future leaders of the UAE, our national development programmes ensure that we are optimally positioned to support the vision of Abu Dhabi - to diversify the economy, drive inbound tourism and cement Abu Dhabi’s position as one of the fastest-growing destinations in the world.

Since our Emiratisation strategy launched in 2007, we have implemented dedicated programmes and individual schemes specifically designed for various commercial, operational, administrative and leadership roles. This bespoke talent framework has enabled the continued growth and progression of our teams, offering a structured and personalised approach to career development. 

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