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Beijing Holidays

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Magical and spellbinding Beijing

Beijing holidays transport you to the heart of historic China, where the legendary Great Wall and the wonders of the Forbidden City are waiting to be explored.

As one of the oldest cities in the world, truly remarkable ancient sites and ornate palaces can be found on every corner. Yet this is also a destination which seamlessly combines its centuries-old heritage with stunning modern architecture, hip contemporary districts and an exciting 21st-century atmosphere. 

Cutting-edge skyscrapers such as the gargantuan, vase-shaped China Zun define the city’s skyline, while wonderfully charming traditional siheyuan houses and hutong alleyways offer a snapshot of old China below. 

From opulent palaces and tranquil temples, to peaceful parks and gardens, book Beijing holiday packages with Etihad and experience the unique culture of China in the dazzling capital city, Beijing.

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 Things to do in Beijing

Whether you’re booking a family trip, history adventure, romantic break or solo expedition, Beijing packages combine world famous sights and a fascinating heritage with truly unmissable attractions.

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Enter the Forbidden City

Take a trip back in time to Imperial China at Beijing’s remarkable Forbidden City. 

This fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site – dating to the 15th century – was home to numerous emperors from the powerful Ming and Qing dynasties. Today, its colossal palace complex can still be explored – with hundreds of buildings, thousands of rooms and dozens of courtyards guarded by a 170-foot wide moat and watchful stone lions. 

Beyond the city’s limits, meanwhile, you’ll find the sumptuous waterside Summer Palace – complete with beautiful gardens. Nearby, the National Museum of China is a superb way to discover even more of China’s long and eventful past.

Where to stay in Beijing

Action-packed Sun Park

Book a family holiday in Beijing by Sun Park and stay close to a wealth of fun and exciting attractions. It’s one of the most child-friendly locations to stay in the city, with theme parks, fairground rides and beautiful lakes, plus the Sony Explora Science Museum nearby. 
Base yourself at the Hilton Beijing and you’ll be able to keep everyone entertained, with delightful day trips – and indoor pool fun at the hotel itself.

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beijing summer palace trees

Summer Palace luxury

Treat yourself like royalty and escape to truly serene surroundings by retreating to Aman at Summer Palace – perfect for luxury and romantic Beijing holidays. 

Located at the East Gate of the historic, royal retreat with which it shares its name, you’ll be whisked back in time to a world of regal splendour with rooms and suites boasting traditional architecture and period details.

The best of both

Beijing is also a paradise for adventure seekers and lovers of the great outdoors. 

Base yourself in the Haidian district and enjoy easy access to local parks, as well as the Fragrant Hills – where you can enjoy picturesque hikes as part of an active holiday in Beijing. For a true challenge, try conquering the steep hills of Mount Xianglu, also known as Censer Peak.

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beijing zhengyang gate at night

All you need to know about Beijing

Local currency 

The official Chinese currency is the renminbi (RMB). It’s commonly referred to internationally as the ‘yuan’, the country’s basic unit of currency.

Languages spoken

The official language of China is Mandarin, and this is the most widely spoken language in Beijing. At hotels, popular restaurants and major attractions, you will find that service staff often speak good English too.

Getting around

Beijing has an excellent transport system, with one of the largest subway systems in the world. Buses and taxis are also commonplace and very reliable.

Public holidays

Holidays in Beijing include New Year celebrations in January or February, Labour Day on 1 May and National Day on 1 October. 

More about Beijing

Local cuisine

Foodies will love exploring Beijing – the city serves up brilliant Chinese dishes, inspired by all the different Chinese provinces. Classic Beijing dishes include mouth-watering Peking duck, sweet and sour ribs, and hearty ‘hotpot’ – often a great social tradition, where diners dip their chopsticks into a pot of sizzling ingredients in the centre of the table. 

Head to Wangfujing Snack Street for the city’s best street food. Baozi, a filled, steamed bun and jianbing, fried pancakes, are both salty, savoury and best enjoyed hot, straight from the stall. If you have a sweet tooth, try candied hawthorn, a sour berry coated in caramel and served on skewers, or youtiao, a kind of Chinese doughnut. 

beijing traditional hot pot food
beijing lampa temple blye sky mountain


First founded over three millennia ago, Beijing is famed as one of the world’s oldest cities. It’s been the capital of China since the 13th-century, with the atmospheric and well-preserved Forbidden City serving as the cultural and Imperial heart throughout the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Beijing was fundamental to the Boxer Rebellion during the late 19th-century, while the city’s 20th-century history has been full of major political events too. 

Head to Tiananmen Square to view communist revolutionary Mao Zedong’s massive mausoleum – a tribute to the man who brought the People’s Republic of China into being. 

beijing imperial square

Why we love Beijing

“Beijing is everything that is wonderful about China. Amazing palaces and gardens, extraordinary architecture and some of the best food you’ll probably ever eat. Liulichang Street and the 798 Art Zone are great places to stroll around too.”

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