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Turkey Holidays

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Turkey’s magical melting pot

Holidays in Turkey are an opportunity to explore a magical country full of luxury seaside resorts, white sandy beaches, glittering waters and stunning architecture.

Magnificent world heritage sites are dotted across Turkey and you’re sure to be wowed by the country's cultural riches and natural beauty.  

Discover the busy streets of Istanbul where you’ll marvel at the Byzantine churches with their lavish decoration, and at the architectural legacy of the Ottomans.

Treat yourself to the fragrant and spicy local cuisine as the sun sets over one of the world’s greatest skylines, punctuated with countless minarets. 

Experience all this and more with a holiday to Turkey with Etihad.

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Things to do in Turkey

With majestic mountains, sandy beaches, vibrant markets and a great range of luxurious resorts and hotels, Turkey holidays have something for every traveller.

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Venture into breathtaking buildings

The Ayasofya – or Hagia Sophia – is a stunning 6th-century Byzantine triumph and one of the world’s truly great buildings.

It started life as a cathedral before becoming a mosque during the period of Ottoman rule. It’s now a museum, worth any queue to get inside to gaze at the majesty of its dome and gold mosaics. 
Don’t miss Topkapi Palace either, built in the 15th century to house the country’s sultans.

Highlights include the harem and the treasury, where you’ll spot legendary diamonds and daggers inlaid with jewels.

Where to stay in Turkey

The big city

Lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of Turkey’s biggest city, Istanbul, by staying in the Maltepe District.

Here you’ll be close to Bagdat Street, a lively shopping area with plenty of restaurants too.

Hotel Burgu Arjaan by Rotana is the perfect base for a family holiday in Turkey as all rooms have kitchenettes and there’s both a swimming pool and a kids’ club. 

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Big business

If you're planning a business trip to Turkey then it's worth considering the Centro Westside hotel in Istanbul.

It’s located in the Gunesli area, with numerous exhibition and convention centres close by, as well as shopping malls, plazas and the Basin Express Road.

It boasts multi-purpose rooms for meetings, a well-equipped gym and a large swimming pool ideal for relaxing after a day’s work.

The lap of luxury

For a luxury Turkey package, look no further than Westside Arjaan by Rotana.

These are deluxe serviced apartments rather than hotel rooms, giving you more space to relax during your stay in Istanbul.

Suites can be one or two-bedroomed, with separate living, dining and kitchenette areas.

Younger ones will love the pool, while you can also indulge in a spa treatment or just chill out in the sauna or steam room.

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the domes of aya sofia in turkey

All you need to know about Turkey

Local currency

The local currency in Turkey is the Turkish lira. Many hotels, bars and restaurants will also accept euros. ATMs are widely available.

Getting around

Coaches, domestic flights and overnight trains are available for longer journeys across Turkey. You can use buses, taxis and trams/metros when travelling around cities. 

Languages spoken

More than 30 languages are spoken in Turkey. Turkish is the country’s official language but Kurmanji, Arabic and Zazaki are also commonly used. 

Public holidays

Important dates to look out for in the Turkish calendar include Labour and Solidarity Day (1 May), Victory Day (30 August) and Republic Day (29 October).

More about Turkey

Local cuisine

Traditional Turkish cuisine has a long history that can be traced back to the Ottoman period.

Combining Mediterranean and Central Asian flavours, Turkish food involves a broad mix of styles, popular with diners from across the world. 

In the summer months, opt for lightly seasoned fish or a meze sharing plate of haydari, kisir and dolma. Finish with some refreshing Turkish ice cream for dessert.

Those with a sweet tooth will also love love firin sutlac and lokum, commonly known as Turkish delight.

delicious turkish food
turkish culture with turkish tea

Local culture

Islam is the country’s main religion and calls to prayer ring out through towns and cities across Turkey.

You should aim to dress modestly if you're visiting one of the country's impressive mosques.

Traditional Turkish customs include removing your shoes before entering someone’s home and the adorning of doorways with nazar amulets to ward off negative energy.

Sharing tea and coffee with friends and guests is another key part of Turkish culture.

Why we love Turkey

“Turkey has everything a visitor could want. Start off with the energy and excitement of a city – Istanbul is a great place to explore. After that, enjoy some time at the beach – there are so many hidden gems to discover.” 

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