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With a choice of ticket options, get more for your fare for less than you might think. Like peace of mind to change your flight for free.

In Economy, select one of our Choice or Choice Plus fares for more flexibility, more Etihad Guest Miles and the option to select your seat for free. And, with our Choice Plus fares, there are no refund fees if you need to cancel.

All from as little as just $35 more than our Value fare. 

  Hand baggage only Sale
Value Choice Choice Plus GuestSeat
Miles you’ll earn 50% 25% 50% 75% 100% Not eligible
Upgrade eligibility 
Priority check-in
Choose your seat Fees apply Fees apply Fees apply Fees apply Selected
seats free
Fees apply
Free Extra legroom seat*
Checked baggage allowance
Refund eligibility Fees apply Free refund Fees apply

*Subject to availability 

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More information about our fares

GuestSeats are available to purchase using Etihad Guest Miles. Don’t have enough miles? You can pay for up to 50% of the fare with cash.

  • Find out how much baggage you can take on you flight here


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