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Muscat – a jewel by the sea

Book a holiday in Muscat to experience the splendour of this stylish port city where culture, nature and blissful beach resorts sit side-by-side.

Muscat’s heritage dates all the way back to antiquity and beyond, but many of its iconic attractions – including the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the Royal Opera House Muscat – hail from the 21st  century.

Away from the modernity, Muscat’s Old Quarter offers a window into Arabia of old. Famous Muttrah Souk is filled with stalls selling trinkets and incenses, while the prison-turned-museum Al Jalali Fort tells the nation’s story.

As the sun sets, pick a spot at the harbourside to enjoy a scene that will stay with you forever. Experience a Muscat holiday with Etihad and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. 

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Things to do in Muscat

With ancient sites, vibrant souks and exquisite beaches just waiting to be explored, Muscat’s many treasures appeal to every kind of traveller.

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Breathtaking beaches

Muscat’s unique charm owes a lot to the striking mountains that frame it.

The rugged Hajjar Mountains feel like another world entirely. Even if you prefer to stay firmly at sea level, they offer unbeatable photo opportunities – head to Muscat Bay or Al Jalali Fort for some of the best views.

You can also climb to the very top of Muscat. Head through Nizwa to reach Jebel Akhdar, the ‘green mountain’ which boasts prehistoric rock art and facilities at the summit.

Where to stay in Muscat

Experience Old Muscat

The old quarter of Muttrah is a prime location for soaking up as much culture as possible as part of a Muscat city break.

Muttrah was the commercial centre of Muscat before recent development modernised large parts of the city.

Today, this charming quarter retains many of its historic buildings, which house countless cafes and charming, family-owned restaurants.

Book a hotel here to be within walking distance of the famous Muttrah Souk.

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Find a place for all the family

Muscat isn’t just a great place to soak up the culture, it also has plenty to keep all ages entertained as part of a relaxing and fun-filled family holiday.

Located just to the north of the centre, Qurum is a popular place to balance relaxation with proximity to the key attractions. 

With five pools, a zipline and a floating water park, Millennium Resort Mussanah is a wonderful option for a Muscat family holiday.



Lounge in the lap of luxury

For a luxury Muscat holiday, consider staying in Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos.

Known as the 'City of the Sultans', this exclusive district is where you'll find some of the capital’s best hotels.

The Royal Opera House Muscat and the Bait Adam Museum are nearby, as well as great shopping malls and restaurants.

The Chedi Muscat is a perfect choice and also ideal for honeymoons in Muscat.

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All you need to know about Muscat

Dress code

Omanis dress conservatively and long, loose-fitting clothes are ideal given the warm climate. Swimwear is fine at the beach or hotel pool.

Local currency

The Omani rial is the currency of Muscat. There are plenty of ATMs and major debit and credit cards are widely accepted.

Public transport

There’s a regular and reliable bus service that operates throughout Muscat, as well as plenty of taxis. Hire a car if you’re looking to venture beyond Muscat to see more of Oman.

Languages spoken

Arabic is the national language. Many people in Muscat speak excellent English, especially in hotels, shops and tourist areas.

More about Muscat


Omani cuisine weaves together numerous influences which speak to Oman’s history as a place of trade.

This is, in a way, fusion food, with elements of East African cooking, Indian spicing and more.

Add to the mix Oman’s position on the coast, with ready access to all kinds of seafood, and you’ve got the ingredients for delicious dishes. 
Look out for feasts cooked in makeshift ovens buried in the ground, such as shuwa. Goat or lamb meat is mixed with a spice blend, slow cooked in the earth and then served with rice – it’s very much the national dish.

platter of traditional omani breakfast
traditional muscat tea and dates


Omanis are warm, friendly and often go out of their way to accommodate visitors.

The nation's culture is built around special meeting places called sabla, while drinking tea and coffee is a significant part of Omani culture.

Both tend to be served quite weak, but with added spices and flavours. Tea may contain ginger or cardamom, coffee could be scented with rosewater.

Water sports

Those long stretches of honeyed sand and crystalline water mean that Muscat is one of the finest water sports destinations in the region.

As well as taking to the well-kept beaches to relax, you can also make a splash with numerous dive centres and water-based activities to enjoy. 

It’s easy to hire sailing boats and windsurfs, kayaks and paddle boards.

If you’d rather take it easier while enjoying the sea here, you can join a tour to go fishing, dolphin watching or head out to find prime snorkelling spots. 

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muscat beach with sea and treets

Why we love Muscat 

“Muscat’s traditional atmosphere is what makes it so magical. It’s also a place with great cuisine. Be sure to try mishkak – these spicy grilled meat skewers are served everywhere, and they’re absolutely delicious.”

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