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Flying to or from Frankfurt, Munich or Paris? If you're flying with Etihad Airways, use our Rail & Fly service to travel by train from any station on the Deutsche Bahn or SNCF network.

Add Rail & Fly when you book your flight online or with your local travel agent.

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train travel on Deutsche Bahn or SNCF network

How does Rail & Fly work?

If you’re flying with Etihad Airways to or from Frankfurt, Munich, book an onward or return connection by train to or from any station on the Deutsche Bahn
rail network throughout Germany.

  1. Booking your flight online, choose the city you’d like to fly from and select ‘Rail n Fly’ as the destination
  2. If you're departing from Germany, select Rail n Fly as the point of departure and choose your destination
  3. The train times you see are subject to change, but you can find the confirmed timetable at
  4. When you’ve booked, we’ll send you an email with your booking reference numbers – you’ll receive a separate reference number for each guest and leg of your journey. This is not your ticket
  5. Visit to view and print your Rail & Fly tickets or print them up to 72 hours in advance at a Deutsche Bahn station
  6. When you arrive at the airport, collect your baggage before you make your way to the train station
  7. Present your train ticket and flight schedule when you arrive at the train station
  8. Sit back and travel by train to any destination on the Deutsche Bahn rail network

Depending on the leg of your journey, your train tickets are valid one day before departure, the day of departure, the day of arrival and one day after arrival only. 

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