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From our home in Abu Dhabi, we’re flying to destinations around the world. Stay up to date with our latest network and flight schedules.

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Find out how to change your flight and the options available if your trip has been impacted by our network changes.

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Travel guidelines and regulations

Stay up to date with the latest travel guidelines and regulations around the world.

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Your wellness, our priority

COVID-19 global insurance cover on all tickets.

Etihad Wellness


Pay less for legroom and lounge access

Get up to 40% off extra legroom seats in Economy Space and save 25% when you pay to use our lounge in Abu Dhabi.


Flexible travel for the future

Book now for freedom to change your travel plans if you need to.
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Etihad Wellness

We’re taking extra steps to make sure you feel safe and well when you travel. We've limited touchpoints and allowed for more distance between you and other guests, and for extra peace of mind, we’ve introduced a team of Wellness Ambassadors to help at every point of your journey.

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